Hi, I am Joanna.

A PhD student, statistics teacher, mentor and traveller.

About Me

I am a PhD candidate and Statistics Demonstrator at the University of Liverpool.
I welcome you to explore my website and invite you to visit my travel blog.


I am currently undertaking a PhD in Psychology at the University of Liverpool. I also teach Statistics and Research Methods at an undergraduate level.

I have a BA in Psychology & Criminology, and MSc in Investigative & Forensic Psychology. I previously worked as a modelling analyst at HM Revenue & Customs.

In my free time, I volunteer, travel and read.


I investigate juror note taking, recall and verdicts.

Juror Note Taking and Recall

I am investigating the role of individual differences in juror note taking during a trial, and memory of trial information.

Critical Evidence and Verdicts

I am exploring the impact of that critical trial evidnece that jurors remember on their verdicts.



Frequentist inference and Bayesian inference.


Delivering statistics seminars and transferable skills tutorials.


Presenting at international conferneces. Drafting/editing manuscripts.


Designing and running behavioural studies.


I volunteer as a mentor by sharing experience and skills with teenagers. If you want to learn more, explore the links below.


When I am not working I love to travel. I am also a huge book lover.
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